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Outlaw Boogie for

Honky Tonk Angels

It's here... The wait is over, the second instalment of the WP show for July 19 has arrived, packed full of honky tonk humdingers and gumbo rock goodies. This show includes new music from Vincent Neil Emerson, Beth Bombara, Lasers Lasers Birmingham, Elijah Ocean and Lane Mack, along side classics from PP Arnold, Johnny Bush, Wet Willie, SNAFU, Black Oak Arkasas, Doc Kirby & Co. and more. Dig in.

Two Brighton-based DJs, Shamblin Sexton and Senor Mick, needed somewhere to share their love of Southern-fried sounds, music for outlaws looking for a little backwoods boogie on a Friday night, a touch of two-step and four fingers of the finest bourbon whiskey. From country funk, swampy blues and southern soul to bayou bounce, gumbo rock, dusty cosmicana and truck stop pop, Whiskey Preachin like to play records for drinking and dancing, loving and laughing the night away.

Six years down the road and still trucking, Whiskey Preachin is hauling their musical weight and delivering the goodness directly to you. To find out what we’re bringing to the party, check out our archive of radio shows, feast you eyes on Chris Sick’s wonderful poster work and dig into our reviews to see what’s been keeping our ears busy. Oh, and get in touch to book us for your gigs and festivals. 


We love Whitey Shafer. All My Exes Live In Texas is a true classic that we love to play as often as possible. Check out the man himself getting some well-earned adulation form his peers.

Whiskey Preachin are here to save your souls, one record at a time... 






We'll keep this section up-to-date with information of forthcoming radio shows, records spinning and gigs and festivals we are involved with, or simply just want to recommend. It's never that long to wait for the next Whiskey Preachin event, but until it's time to pull the boots on and saddle up, how about checking out the reviews of some of our favorite spins...


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